One-to-One Coaching

If you’re preparing for auditions or performances or just keen to improve your skills in sung Italian, benefit from one-to-one coaching with renowned coach and Melofonetica Founder, Matteo Dalle Fratte.


Whether you’re a singer, accompanist, conductor or other music professional, one-to-one coaching will give you tailored support to quickly and effectively build your skills, knowledge and confidence in sung Italian. This includes improving sung Italian diction, advice on style and expression, translation of Italian lyrics into English and more.

Sessions are currently held via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. Given the detailed work we do on the text, online coaching has proven to be just as effective as working in person and participants experience the same benefits. Hourly rates are available, or book a 30-minute taster session.

One-to-One Coaching Melofonetica

“A huge bonus for any interpretation.”

Sir John Eliot Gardiner, conductor


“My engagement with the text improved very quickly, it suddenly felt natural and expressive”.

Katy, professional soprano


“I’m delighted to let you know that I’ve received an offer letter for a Master’s programme in London. Thank you Matteo and the team at Melofonetica for giving me such a wonderful toolkit for singing in Italian.”

Dylan, baritone