Virtual Opera Summer School 2020

“Just wanted to say thanks so much for the week, it was fascinating and really enjoyable. I really loved all of it, but it was particularly interesting to delve into the method in the lectures, and the journey of then applying it in the individual sessions and identifying it in the guided listening was particularly satisfying.”   Laura, Soprano

“It was good to have a refresher on the Melofonetica Method, to consolidate some concepts and move my knowledge to a new level. Sessions on other languages and especially Alessandra’s top tips on dealing with poetic Italian also excellent and expected to be very useful in practice. A very smooth and efficiently-run course!”   Margaret, Soprano

“I learned a lot during this week. Thank you for such a well organised programme. I enjoyed learning about the method and putting it in practice through the guided listening, vocalising and coaching sessions.”   Sara, Soprano

“The week was very inclusive and fostered a spirit of being at a physical summer school despite being online. There was also a good variety of topics covered in classes. It opened up a whole new way of thinking about sung language (not just Italian).”   Antonida, Observer

Italian coaching masterclasses 2019

“Listening back to my session, I clearly heard a significant difference in diction, timbre and accuracy. Matteo’s instruction is excellent, thank you.”   Gilly, Soprano

“I had previous experience with Italian, but had never had the principals of Italian diction in singing broken down for me so systematically.”   Soprano

Veneto Opera Summer School 2019

“I loved every aspect of this course from the method itself to the staff, rehearsals, masterclasses and the performances. The course took into consideration everyone’s individual voice type and level of training and made sure they were used to their fullest potential so everyone got to show off their talents. The staff were also very kind, patient and understanding to every participant. Cannot recommend this course enough.”   April, Soprano

“I made new friends for life and really enjoyed learning the method from brilliant coaches.”   Rhys, Tenor

“The course was a great opportunity to perform some very well known pieces of music which I wouldn’t have to been able to perform otherwise. The method really helps instrumentalists to gain a much better understanding of diction in opera singing and makes not only conducting but also listening to the singers and playing along much easier. The staff are very experienced and very caring for every person on the course which isn’t the case for every music course. As well as that, the atmosphere is great and the course location is a great added bonus to the experience.”   Mike, Clarinettist

“Everything was very professional and well organised. I loved working on all the rep and was sad when it was all over. Thank you for a lovely experience!”   Nadia, Soprano

“I came away feeling very proud of what we’d produced in the two weeks together and very impressed with the quality of everything that was performed.”   Cate, Soprano

“I thoroughly enjoyed my two weeks on the course. It’s an incredibly encouraging and nurturing environment. I have already started looking at new repertoire and I am now approaching the text completely differently. I had had a break from singing for a while and this was the confidence boost I needed. Thank you so much for everything.”   Hannah, Mezzo

“A fantastic experience. I absolutely loved being able to perform in those stunning venues. The various acoustics and different audiences presented great variety and different challenges – from the intimacy of a lecture recital, the staged scenes with a deep orchestra pit to the anonymity of a pop-up event. The tunes of Puccini, Monteverdi and Mozart are still resonating and became the bonding element for our diverse group of students over an intense two weeks in the wonderful Bassano del Grappa. I enjoyed the course thoroughly. The coaching for any repertoire was excellent. Melofonetica has developed hugely over the last few years into a systematical approach, the research into lyric diction undertaken here is well overdue and absolutely worth it to support the art of singing in Italian with new terminology and an integration into the science of linguistics/phonetics.”   Veronika, Soprano

“I enjoyed so many things about the programme! The location was amazing, the rooms were very nice, and the lunches were delicious! I really enjoyed the first week with the introductory lecture and all of the masterclasses. I learned so much about the method and felt like I got a really good sense of the goal of the programme during this time. I liked that everyone had an opportunity to do a masterclass as well as several coachings. I feel like that’s where I grew the most in my understanding of singing in Italian as well as of my own voice. I also appreciated that all of the staff and people who attended the programme were so kind, welcoming, and supportive of each other! ”   Mandy, Mezzo

Italian coaching masterclasses, Spring 2019

“The course was an excellent opportunity to improve Italian diction and understand how to make phrasing more elegant.”   Soprano

“The Melofonetica Method has not only helped me to sing in Italian but it has also enabled me to understand my own support system more through the use of consonants, as opposed to a vowel to vowel ‘legato’ mentality which has driven my technique for many years. This will now hopefully give me the consistency that I have been searching for. I also really enjoyed learning about the history of the Italian language. I found this very inspiring and it helped to further understand the method. Thank you.”   Stephanie, soprano

“Matteo gave me some excellent tips on how to make my performance flow with the text as well as gently correcting some of my dodgy Italian pronunciation!”   Siobhan, soprano

“The day was well run and structured. The range of pieces and experience of the varied singers was highly positive. Observing was incredibly helpful and was useful when I came to sing myself. I learnt new things that no one else has ever worked on with me before, I very much hope to have an opportunity to reinforce these skills and benefit from Matteo’s expertise again in future.”   David, bass

“I have only recently started singing repertoire in Italian, and I found the course extremely helpful. It was very useful to understand the background to sung Italian, as well as receiving the more specific guidance on pronunciation. I was especially appreciative of the extremely supportive environment of the class.”   Pauline, soprano

The Art of Italian Recitative workshop, November 2018

“Hugely improved my understanding of the structure of Italian recitativi, and helped me with my Italian diction: I learnt to use the language to project my voice.”   Aditi, soprano

“I genuinely thought it was fascinating and very well taught. Understanding the syllabic rhythm of recit, Italian short and long consonants, stresses of words and appoggiaturas, pace of recit, how recit can shape the meaning… I pretty much learnt everything!”   Soprano

Italian coaching masterclasses, Autumn 2018

“Thank you for giving me so much more confidence so quickly!”   Joanne, soprano

“The Melofonetica Method brings the text to life and encourages vibrant tone quality as well as incisive diction. The whole performance gains conviction as a result.”   Jenny, soprano and singing teacher

“The input I received on my aria really helped me understand not only more about the Italian, but what to think about when performing with an orchestra as well. I now understand a lot more about what a conductor would require from me, and this has been enhanced by how I use my consonants to show placement of words.”   Jane, soprano

Veneto Opera Summer School 2018

“The course not only improved my Italian but my singing skills overall. The use of correct diction unlocked different colours in my voice. It also gave me the confidence to be a stronger performer. I loved the masterclasses and one to one coaching, I got so much out of each session. And the accommodation was fantastic, it was so comfortable!”   Bianca, soprano

“I was taught to look at singing in Italian in a whole new light. I thoroughly enjoyed the week and learned so much!”   Breffni, soprano

“I improved greatly in my Italian diction and articulation. I’ve been to multiple masterclasses but none were as organised and informative as this course. It was perfect! Such a meaningful week, thank you, enjoyed every minute of it.”   Soprano

“I really, really enjoyed this week and have got so much out of all the activities. Thank you so, so much for organising this, it’s the best singing course I’ve ever been on! The week has given me a set of tools to iron out issues with phrasing, as well as achieve clear articulation of Italian text. It’s also given me a better appreciation for how beautifully these pieces were crafted and how I can make my performances energised, engaging and authentic. I particularly liked the collegiate atmosphere – it felt like a really safe space in which to try things out, everyone was very friendly and approachable.”   Soprano

“The week helped me a lot with interpreting arias with confidence, certainty and better diction and I really appreciated the warm welcome, kindness and encouragement of the coaches.”   Bouchra, soprano

“The course helped me use the Italian language to really express what was happening instead of just pronouncing the words correctly. Every one of the coaches was extremely helpful and encouraging. It was a very well organised week of learning which also included lovely tours and activities.”   Katie, soprano

“I learnt how to successfully achieve a more emotional effect in singing that doesn’t compromise text, but enhances it. The coaches were very helpful and attentive and the week was truly organized well with a good balance of work and fun.”   Marilyn, soprano

Italian coaching masterclasses, Spring 2018

“I had worked with Matteo once before, and had also heard some of the Melofonetica Method explained by another coach. But today I have learnt an enormous amount more – I love this stuff, and I loved today!”   Shelley, mezzo

“This masterclass has helped me shape an aria I was having trouble with. It has made a significant difference as it has changed my approach to working on it… Do more of these!”   Joana, soprano

“Today has given me more confidence in singing in Italian, especially with the rules for long consonants… I really enjoyed this and would love to do it again.”   Arina, mezzo

“It was perfect – really helpful and very clear.”   Esme, soprano

The Art of Italian Recitative workshop, April 2018

“Today has been really exciting and has completely changed how I think about recitative specifically – but also about singing in Italian more generally.”  Cate, soprano

“The coaching gave a much clearer way to approach recitative, rather than just relying on theatrical instinct.”   Mary, soprano

Achieving great expression in Italian repertoire workshop, November 2017

“I really liked that the course was delivered at an intensive, fast and challenging pace – all singers looking to perfect their sung Italian must try the Melofonetica Method!”   David, tenor

“The case studies really helped to lay the foundation for the personal coaching sessions”   Katrina, soprano

“Good mix of theory (which will help when Matteo isn’t around!) and practice – feels like we’re taking things to the next level.”

Veneto Opera Summer School 2017 – Advanced and Professional level week

“Hands down worth every single penny. You can only benefit from this course, it should be mandatory for all young professionals who are seriously thinking of going into the profession.”   Óli, tenor

“One of the most amazing, insightful and enjoyable Italian courses out there!”   April, soprano

“I LOVED it. The course content, lectures and one-to-one time with Matteo was excellent. I loved working with Peter and Julie as well – so knowledgeable and passionate. I also loved the immersion in Italian culture – the tours, restaurants and other activities felt really bespoke and very thoughtfully chosen. Such care and detail in every aspect of how the course was created, with such a wonderful group of staff and colleagues. Thank you so much!”   Eleanor, soprano

“I loved the approach to the whole week – very approachable with a fab structure. The 1:1 time with Peter and Matteo was really helpful, and the opportunity to perform and try things out in front of the group was great for confidence!”   Rachael, mezzo soprano

“Fantastic coaching from Peter and Matteo, the masterclasses/coaching split was perfect. Venue (and the food!) was also amazing and the course was superbly organised. Generally fantastic!”   Tom, baritone

“This week has transformed not only my use of Italian, but my awareness of language in singing more generally.”   Johanna, soprano

Veneto Opera Summer School 2017 – Improvers / All levels week

“I learnt so much, it really exceeded my expectations. It was very exciting to be receiving such new and fresh information that is still evolving. I also did not expect that my technique and singing would be so greatly improved by improving my Italian pronunciation.”    Grace, soprano

“Everything was really excellent. Matteo’s teaching was interesting and clear and the one-on-one instruction was very valuable. The organization was great. I enjoyed the people and range of ages. The local tours of the city and area were also a lot of fun.”    John, tenor

“It was a supportive and collaborative environment in which to focus on learning new concepts and skills. Matteo’s explanations and coaching were exceptional: rigorous, but always approachable and encouraging to all singers at all stages. I’d like to thank you for such a well organised and useful course. You really looked after us and made it fun and relaxing too.”   Katrina, soprano

“The way that local cultural experiences were integrated with the course was fantastic. Very educational, good value for money and very good quality accommodation.”

“It has been a very eye opening and exciting week. I feel like the music all makes much more sense now.”   Roxanne, soprano

“The coaching was excellent and I learned so much on every level.”   Michelle, soprano

Masterclasses, Autumn 2016

“Amazing masterclass! Matteo is a lovely teacher who has really brought Italian to life for me. Would highly recommend!”

“The presentation style/presence that Matteo has is excellent, it puts us all at ease and makes for a really great atmosphere throughout the course.”

“Clarity of instruction, constructive criticism, with loads of encouragement and plenty of opportunity to sing and put into practice. Also, fun and passionate teaching, just great!”

“Full of new and eye-opening ideas never given to me in England. Academic and anatomical approach, but also fun and interesting lectures with well-prepared materials. The course made me realise how important language coaching is and how much it helps vocally, especially in Italian. I enjoyed every moment of the weekend. Grazie!”

“I love that it was very clear and demystified a lot of frequent questions I had. Thanks for creating such a welcoming environment that actually embodies what I think art should be about.”

“Matteo presents his work fantastically, and I love the internal consistency of the method and the way that precision and certainty about consonants also results in freer singing.”

“I loved the guided listening as it encouraged me to listen to the phonetic techniques of my favourite singers.”

“I really enjoyed the two days and am looking forward to going away and looking at my pieces with all of this in mind.”

Advanced and Professional workshop, November 2015

“The workshop was great and very good value – I would love to do another one in future.”

“Matteo’s passion and excitement is infectious, he makes the Melofonetica Method relevant to a range of abilities.”

“Friendly atmosphere and wonderful encouragement of positivity from Matteo.”

“I learnt so much!!! Matteo is very patient and also works in such detail which is a rare luxury. It’s not only helped my Italian but also my singing!”

“The approach was revelatory! I really enjoyed finding new vocal colours in my singing.”

“Your method makes me feel much more relaxed about singing Italian.”

“There was a lot of information and I learnt a lot but it was put across in a fun way.”

Beginners and Improvers workshop, September 2015

“Matteo’s teaching manner is exciting, encouraging and very easy to follow.”

“Invaluable – improved my Italian and singing no end.”

“Very well structured content which was very well presented. Also a good group size, perfect timekeeping and pleasant atmosphere.”

“I loved being able to focus on phonetics and have learnt that when this is in place, interpretation falls into place”

Intensive workshops, Autumn 2014

“Inspiring and insightful.”

“Just brilliant.”

“I’m amazed at how much we learnt in such a short time.”

“I’ve grown in confidence and love for Italian.”

“I will be recommending this method and your courses to everyone!”

“Excellent 1:1 coaching, right size group, great use of time, clear teaching and so much energy and passion on the subject which got everyone motivated.”

“I genuinely learned a lot and enjoyed myself.”


“Melofonetica’s approach to achieving great sung Italian really works: I’ve seen at first-hand the difference that the tools and techniques make to singers, accompanists and conductors. I highly recommend the method to all music professionals looking to improve their skills and confidence in Italian.”   Malcolm Martineau OBE, International Pianist

“The Melofonetica Method is an amazing way to understand the beauty of Italian singing. As a pianist, this understanding has allowed me to not only make a fuller and richer colour for Italian music, but also to fully appreciate how Italian texts work with the accompaniment. As a coach, the Melofonetica Method has enhanced my approach to coaching Italian repertoire, making it more effective and stylistically correct.”  Bernard Tan, Collaborative Pianist/Vocal and Opera Coach

“Through attending Melofonetica workshops I’ve gained a true sense of idiomatic spoken and sung Italian. Not only did I learn many of the rules of sung Italian, but listening to Matteo’s demonstrations has given me more confidence in helping singers with Italian repertoire, in particular improving their sung lines and projection. Highly recommended!”  Marc Verter, Pianist and Coach

“Right from the first day I felt like I understood the Italian language far better – and how to better help and guide singers.”   Emily, Pianist and participant on Veneto Opera Summer School 2018

“I feel very lucky to have Matteo Dalle Fratte as a colleague at Guildhall School of Music. I am full of admiration for the way he enables the students to improve their delivery of Italian text. As he trained as a singer, he absolutely understands what is helpful vocally so that not only are the students delivering much clearer language but they are also singing the music better as a result of his method of teaching. I personally feel I have learnt so much from him and it has really influenced the way I work as a vocal coach in Italian repertoire. He explains things so calmly and clearly and is passionate about the music he works on which makes him a very inspiring teacher.”  Liz Marcus, Accompanist and Vocal Coach


“I feel much better informed about how to teach songs and arias in Italian… My students will really benefit!”   Fiona, singing teacher, observer

“Putting the method into practice, for me and my students, brings the text to life and encourages vibrant tone quality as well as incisive diction. The whole performance gains conviction as a result.”   Jenny, singing teacher, soprano

“I’ve been passing on the pearls of wisdom to my singing pupils, and their Italian is coming on leaps and bounds!”   Singing teacher, soprano


“Working with Matteo has been an extraordinarily productive, stimulating and educative process. He cares so passionately about Italian pronunciation, not simply that it’s correct but also that it has rhythm and sensuality, and that there is a counterpoint between the rhythm of the music and the friction of the delay or anticipation of the consonants. This creates a fantastic energy and a fantastic expression, which he really grasps and conveys to all singers. It’s a huge bonus for any interpretation.”   Sir John Eliot Gardiner, International Conductor, Founder of Monteverdi Choir & Orchestras

“The Melofonetica approach is refreshing: it cuts through complexities and helps make clearly articulated Italian achievable. It enables singers to truly access their voice.”   Mark Shanahan, International Conductor, Principal Guest Conductor of the Netherlands Symphony Orchestra and Head of Music at the National Opera Studio

“I first worked with Matteo Dalle Fratte in 2016, and, within the first day, he firmly established himself as my Italian coach of choice. He has a profound and detailed knowledge – musicological as well as linguistic – and brings a fantastic vigour, enthusiasm, warmth and commitment to the highest standards. He has a highly facilitating and enabling demeanour, and is excellent too in the more psychological aspects of the job. I have already enjoyed several highly fruitful and inspiring collaborations with Matteo, and hope that I will continue to do so for many years to come.”
   Ian Page, Founder, Conductor and Artistic Director of Classical Opera and The Mozartists

“The Melofonetica Method’s focus on achieving clear diction as the foundation of musical and dramatic expression shines a light on the ‘hidden’ rhythms of the text itself. I have found myself endlessly fascinated by what the method reveals of how the poetry of the language informs the musical line, providing both cause and control for rubato and musical gesture. It has been a joy to watch Matteo help so many singers find real confidence and strength in interpretations developed from this fundamental understanding.” Peter Ford, Conductor and Co-Founder of the Black Cat Opera Company


“Un plauso a Matteo Dalle Fratte, il vocal coach che fa cantare tutto il cast in un ottimo italiano.”
Review of the 2020 Opera Rara recording of Donizetti’s Il Paria, conducted by Sir Mark Elder.

Alessandro Cammarano, Le Salon Musical, January 2021

“Another boon to this issue is the forensic clarity of the singers in their projection of the text. Gardiner’s cast seems a pretty international one, but the consistency and naturalness in their enunciation of the Italian text is a real joy. The language coach Matteo Dalle Fratte, whose role Gardiner describes at some length in the note, has clearly done a wonderful job.”
Review of the 2017 recording of Monteverdi’s Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria, performed by The Monteverdi Choir & Orchestra with conductor Sir John Eliot Gardiner.

Richard Hanlon, MusicWeb, March 2019

“It is thanks in large measure to the insights of language coach Matteo Dalle Fratte that this performance is every bit as vivid (in many respects more so) as any DVD production might be.”
Review of the 2017 recording of Monteverdi’s Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria, performed by The Monteverdi Choir & Orchestra with conductor Sir John Eliot Gardiner.

Europadisc, October 2018

“The Italian… [was] idiomatically rounded (a ‘bravo’ is due to the Guildhall’s language coaches)… ”
Review by Yehuda Shapiro of Gianni Schicchi, performed by The London Schools Symphony Orchestra and Guildhall School of Music & Drama at the Barbican Hall, London.

Opera Magazine, July 2018

“Musically it was an enthralling experience… the texts were projected to make every phrase intelligible.”

Monteverdi Trilogy performed by John Eliot Gardiner’s Monteverdi Choir and Orchestra, rated number one by Andrew Clements in his review ‘The top 10 classical shows of 2017’, language coaching by Matteo Dalle Fratte, Founder of Melofonetica.

The Guardian, 17 December 2017

“The stagings are simple and direct, arising naturally from the singers’ delivery of the all-important text – bravo to the language coach, Matteo Dalle Fratte – and Monteverdi’s sublime music… a pristine Monteverdi in which words and music align with the most gripping, communicative immediacy.”

Review by Hugh Canning of Monteverdi’s Triptych, performed by John Eliot Gardiner’s Monteverdi Choir and Orchestra at Teatro La Fenice, Venice.

The Sunday Times, 25 June 2017

“Tutti… riescono a dare un senso compiuto a quell’idea di recitar cantando attraverso una cura attentissima della parola scenica (grande lavoro del language coach che è Matteo Dalle Fratte).”

Review by Stefano Nardelli of Monteverdi’s Triptych, performed by John Eliot Gardiner’s Monteverdi Choir and Orchestra at Teatro La Fenice, Venice.

Il giornale della musica, 22 June 2017

“I cantanti, per lo più giovani e stranieri, hanno curato molto la dizione (fondamentale in questo repertorio) e l’interpretazione… non c’è mai stata la sensazione che gli interpreti non sapessero cosa cantavano…”

Review by Giovanni David of Monteverdi’s Triptych, performed by John Eliot Gardiner’s Monteverdi Choir and Orchestra at Teatro La Fenice, Venice.

Il Corriere della Grisi, 21 June 2017

“There was total assurance about everything musical and dramatic in the performance, and immaculate diction too, from both the native Italian speakers in the cast and the non-Italians.”

Review by Andrew Clements of Il Ritorno d’Ulisse in Patria, performed by John Eliot Gardiner’s Monteverdi Choir and Orchestra at Colston Hall, Bristol.

The Guardian, 13 April 2017

“It’s a joy to hear well-projected and clearly well-understood Italian… Language coach Matteo Dalle Fratte has done excellent work here.”

Review by David Nice of Le donne curiose performed by the Guildhall School of Music & Drama at the Silk Street Theatre, London.

The Arts Desk, 5 November 2015