Self-study programmes

On-demand Melofonetica Method™ webinars

Get a complete understanding of the structure of sung Italian, the key principles of clear diction for singers and how to correctly apply emphasis and expression to sung Italian text:

  • Part 1: Consonants and vowels in sung Italian
  • Part 2: Expression in sung Italian

£15 each or £25 for both, contact us to purchase

Italian Diction Bootcamp: online learning programme

Based on our popular article Seven mistakes singers make in Italian diction – and how to avoid them*, this programme pinpoints seven key areas that singers need to focus on to achieve clearer and more idiomatic Italian lyric diction.

Led by renowned Italian Coach and Melofonetica Founder, Matteo Dalle Fratte, the programme includes high-quality video tutorials, guided vocalising exercises, downloadable materials and test-your-knowledge quizzes enabling you to:

  • Work at your own pace to improve your knowledge of clear and correct sung Italian
  • Understand the technical benefits of correct articulation
  • Develop your practical skills through guided vocalising exercises
  • Benefit from a toolkit of exercises for warm-ups and regular practice

Key topics covered include short vs. long consonants, mastering long stop consonants, coarticulation, when and how to roll the r, how to correctly articulate the dry Italian ts and more!

Just £85, includes access to all online course resources for 12 months.

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Self-study programmes Melofonetica

“An excellent opportunity to improve Italian diction”
“Matteo’s explanations and coaching are exceptional”
“I LOVED it!”
“Invaluable – improved my Italian and singing no end!”