The Melofonetica Method: A complete guide to clear and expressive Italian diction for singers

By Matteo Dalle Fratte

With a foreword by Sir Mark Elder

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Sir Mark Elder, conductor

“I urge everyone remotely interested in bel canto to embrace it and dive in!”

The Melofonetica Method is a transformative approach to Italian diction in opera and classical music. Based on the phonetics of sung Italian, the method pinpoints how singers can achieve clear, resonant and idiomatic singing in a performance space. The product of over a decade of research and coaching, the Melofonetica Method helps singers of all levels and language backgrounds to:

  • Rapidly achieve clearer, more expressive, more idiomatic Italian diction
  • Enhance vocal quality and breath support
  • Recognise the intrinsic rhythms of Italian style
  • Strengthen musical and dramatic interpretation
  • Feel more self-assured performing Italian repertoire

This book provides a structured approach to teaching and learning Italian lyric diction and will be an invaluable resource for singers, coaches, accompanists, conductors and directors. It includes: 180+ notation examples, 120 vocalising exercises, 4 transcribed arias, access to 340+ audio recordings and fascinating insight into the evolution of Italian as a language built to be sung.

Lise Davidsen, soprano

“It’s absolutely wonderful to have the Melofonetica Method to work with.”

Sir John Eliot Gardiner, conductor

“Matteo’s method of coaching creates fantastic energy and expression.”

Ramón Vargas, tenor

“Invaluable for all singers looking to achieve an authentic Italian sound.”

Philip White, Head of Opera,
Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

“The Melofonetica Method is clear, concise and consistent – and it works wonders.”

The Melofonetica Method

A transformative approach to Italian diction in opera and classical music based on the phonetics of sung Italian.


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340+ audio recordings accompanying The Melofonetica Method: A complete guide to clear and expressive Italian diction for singers.


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