The Melofonetica Method

What does it mean to sing well in Italian?

And what do singers need to know about the language in order to sing it well?


The Melofonetica Method™ is a research-based method of Italian diction for singers, based on the phonetics of the sung language. It is fast gaining recognition for its clear and practical approach to helping singers to achieve better diction and expression in Italian opera and classical music.

Created by tenor, musicologist and renowned Italian language coach, Dr. Matteo Dalle Fratte, the method is the result of over a decade of research and work with singers of all levels and language backgrounds – from students at leading conservatoires to emerging artists and professionals.

Melos in Greek means melody, and phonetics is the study of the sounds and signs of language. While phonetics applies to spoken language, ‘melophonetics’ or 
melofonetica’ in Italian, is a new term (and discipline) coined during the research for the Melofonetica Method, to define the study and transcription of sounds in sung language.

Key benefits of the method:

  • Provides a structured and straightforward approach, guiding singers to quickly achieve clear and expressive Italian diction
  • Improves the idiomatic quality of sung Italian
  • Shows singers how to use the text to strengthen their breath support and improve projection in a performance space
  • Supports accompanists and conductors with the interpretation of Italian scores
  • Increases audience comprehension and enjoyment
  • Preserves the beautiful sounds and rhythm of the language that was built to be sung, and inspired the music of the great operatic composers

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